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Do You Know Angelman Syndrome?

http://youtu.be/SMXlbeZqQS8 Trained by the most elite military and civil services, yet nothing can prepare someone for having a child with special needs. Angelman syndrome is a neuro genetic condition, often misdiagnosed as Autism or Cerebral Palsy. Symptoms include developmental delay, seizures, no speech, limited mobility, a happy demeanor - frequent laughing, smiling and excitability. International Angelman Day Feb 15th For more information visit www.angelmantoday.com

Angelman Syndrome presentation

Download the Free PDF presentation Angelman Syndrome presentation In honor of International Angelman Day we are sharing with you a presentation for your information and to share with others about Angelman Syndrome. This document was created by Sybille Kraft Bellamy and reviewed by Ben Philpot PhD. of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Feel free to use this document to share with others ...