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3rd Angelman Syndrome International Meeting

17 October  2014 – Paris

In 2012 the following four European associations: Nina Foundation (Netherlands), Orsa (Italy), AVO (Austria) and AFSA (France) joined to organize an international meeting bringing together researchers involved into Angelman syndrome (AS). The first meeting in 2012 in Rotterdam (Netherlands) was a huge success. The 2013 edition took place in Rome (Italy). Paris (France) will host this year the international meeting, organized by AFSA, on 17 October 2014. It will be followed by the French association’s national conference.

The international meeting is open to researchers and clinicians involved in neuroscience, gene therapy, neurodevelopmental disorders and this, particularly in the Angelman syndrome. It is also open to officials of European and international organizations created around the Angelman syndrome.

The aim of the international meeting is to encourage researchers to share their experience and knowledge about AS : for this reason, speakers present each other their scientific projects.

As Rotterdam and Rome conference have shown, direct exchanges definitely increase scientific research on Angelman syndrome, which is supported only by associations, foundations or fundraising.

Every two years, AFSA organizes its traditional two-day national meeting. This is a special opportunity for all French families affected by Angelman syndrome to meet and share their experiences and improve their knowledge. “Newly diagnosed families”, seeking answers and comfort, are particularly welcome. Medical and paramedical professionals (physicians, geneticists, psychomotors, physiotherapists, researchers etc.) take part to the national meeting and share with parents all the progress and improvements.

This year, AFSA is proud to combine these two major events: the international meeting will be followed by the French national meeting (18 and 19 October 2014).

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