Celebrating the Abilities of our Angels

By Kiren Sandhu, Mom to Ishaar, age 5Ishaar

Throughout the days (and nights), there is a lot of laughter.  Ishaar does all of the laughing, and I smile and tell him how silly he is. I enjoy listening to his laughter as it means all is well in Ishaars world.

Ishaar loves to pull my hair and smell it (its his way of being affectionate). He especially enjoys laughing as he is doing this. He is so strong that once he has a good grip, there is no escaping his clutch. So I am stuck until he decides ‘ok I’m done’.

There have been times that I have been in a hurry to go somewhere, or in a rush to get something done, or am in middle of a family photo shoot, or times when I am just not in the best of spirits. But Ishaar doesn’t base his desire to be affectionate around my mood or my schedule. Nope, he actually prefers to strike at the most inconvenient and unfavorable times. As hard as I try to pry his hands open so I can have my hair back (this actually makes him laugh even harder)…I cannot win. So what happens when I am stuck there in my predicament…I burst out in laughter too. During that time when we are laughing together, all is well in Mommy and Ishaars world.Ishaar3

-The Shandhu Family from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.