From Bergamo to Rotterdam: Studying  Angelman syndrome.
Associazione Angelman Onlus is financing a four year research grant of 120 000euro.

The Italian Associazione Angelman Onlus, based in Bergamo, is financing the grant of a doctorate student’s research into the syndrome of Angelman.
The funding will last four years.
Monica Sonzogni, a young Italian molecular biologist will work at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam under the supervision of Prof. Ype Elgersma.
Associazione Angelman Onlus will fund 30 000 euro (120 000 euro in total) which will finance the study.

This will be coordinated together with the Research Foundation of the Ospedale Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo.
The research grant is also supported by the Rotary Club of Treviglio and Pianura Bergamasca.

Associazione Angelman Onlus, founded  in Lombardy in 2012 , was the initiative of a family with two main objectives: bringing Angelman Syndrome to public  attention as well as that of the pharmaceutical industry and helping to support the genetic research into Angelman Syndrome.

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