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“Trick or Treat” Halloween Stickers, Cards and AAC Image

Here are some tips to help make your Halloween experience a little more “Happy” and a little less “Tricky” when you have a child with Angelman Syndrome. There is lots of fun to be had when participating in community Trick or Treating or attending Fall Festivals. We want our children to participate and be accepted in these activities.

Select the right costume!
Be careful when selecting a costume. The material that some of the costumes are made from can cause sensory issues. Consider the weather. Will they need a jacket or sweater as the night falls or will the costume cause them to overheat? Avoid masks, capes or accessories. Face painting would depend on the individual child and how they respond.

For those with complex communication needs, it is important to participate in activities with their peers. This Halloween we wanted to share these FREE cards and stickers to help make things easier. When Trick or Treating this year, your child can hand the cards to the person at the door or wear the adhesive badge on their costume. Download and Print for FREE! Share with your friends!

We used Avery Adhesive Flexible Name Badges #48395. Easily order from Amazon.com and get delivered to your door.

Download the Stickers (Avery adhesive labels) below:

Download Angelman Syndrome Sticker PDF here

Download the Autism Sticker PDF here

AAC images that you can download for your communication devices. They can be uploaded into your apps like Touchchat or Proloquo2Go .

Here is the Go Talk device that you can program for a single image.

Download the Halloween Cards below:

Download the Happy Halloween Cards AS PDF here

Download the Happy Halloween Cards – Autism PDF here

October is AAC Awareness Month 2017

October is AAC Awareness Month! We wanted to compile an easy list for you to view the many options that are now available. Some of these apps are on sale from 50-75% OFF! Click the links from your device to download quick and easy.

Proloquo2Go – 50% Discount from October 10,11,12.

Avaz is now offering a 50% Discount from October 1-15th

TouchChat HD – AAC with WordPower

aacorn AAC – 50% OFF Discount and Free 14 day trial

Go Talk Now

Sono Flex

The subscription box designed for children with autism and those with sensory needs

Dynavox Compass


Talk Tablet

Tobii Dynavox SNAP – 50% Discount

My First AAC

Get where you want to be with wheelchairs at MedicalSupplyDepot.com!

What Angel Parents are saying about the Kayserbetten bed

“Justin absolutely loves his bed, he goes to it right after his bath every day after school for his nap! He takes me by the hand to lead me there, lol.  We got it last December for my house. It took me a little over a year to get him one at his father’s house since his old Vail bed had been recalled years ago and we didn’t know ’til I got his first bed! Now he is safe at both houses with this awesome bed!  He sleeps 2 1/2  hours every day after school and from 11 pm ’til 6:30 am each morning!”

– Barbara Barclay

For more info visit www.kayserbettenus.com

Helpful Products For Back To School

Here is a list of products to help you prepare for getting the kids back to school! I’m sure you already have your basic list of school supplies so we wanted to tell you about some of these not so common products that may help. We included a few wearable items to support sensory needs. Compression clothing and weighted vests can help calm and improve focus. We also included a unique item we just discovered for those that like to dig and I’m not talking about the sandbox.

Fun and Function is a favorite site for the full spectrum of products they offer.

Discount School Supplies

Under Huggers – Soothing pressure that kids can wear all day for a calming effect all day long.







Weighted Compression Vest with graphics







Keep Me Clean: No PU Shorts






Scented Putty – Calming Lavender

Free App Friday 8-25-17

There are so many communication apps available for the Apple ios, leaving Android users feeling left out. We are happy to share with you a FREE communication app now available for Android!

Check out this AAC app called ‘AngelTalk’.

About the app from Google Play: AngelTalk was built to help the children with complex communication needs talk with their parents and caregivers quickly and pleasantly. It is suitable for those who just decided to start using Augmentative and Alternative Communication Tools.

The app is originally designed to promote language development and grow communication skills of people with Angelman Syndrome. However, we hope this app can be used by people with autism, cerebral palsy and other diagnoses. It is available in English and Korean.

Real image and voice based AAC

The app has a very good rating 4.8 out of 5 Stars!

Click here to download

Check out this YouTube video of the pure joy of Jungmin, a 13-year-old with Angelman Syndrome from Korea.

More information, including tutorials, can be found on their website https://www.angeltalk.info/en/index.html

Android Tablet available on Amazon


Back to School Safety Products for Special Needs

Safety is always a number one priority for our loved ones with special needs. Here are just a few products that are high on our list this year.

If i Need Help is a collection of wearable QR codes made for our loved one that may wander. The QR codes can be scanned to reveal contact information for guardians and any specific details that you would like to include about the individual in case of emergency. This information will be kept in a live working special needs registry that is created and controlled by the caretaker.

Get 5% off your first order by using promo code: Angelman Today

Get an extra 25% off power & manual wheelchairs vehicle lifts bath safety and more with open box specials from SpinLife.

GPS Trackers are becoming very popular and even considered essential in the special needs community for individuals that may wander. Many devices are now made with easy tracking available through your iPhone or Android phone. There are several types of trackers now available from a wrist watch to devices that can attach to a belt loop or fit in their cargo pocket. Here are just a few that we found:

Trax Play NEW Upgraded Live Outdoor GPS Tracker for Children and Pets

Findster Kids – The GPS Tracker For Kids Without Monthly Fees

PocketFinder Outdoor Personal GPS Locator

Discover the love of learning with Educational Toys from Learning Resources! Shop now!

Products To Help You Get Started On The High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet

We will start with healthy fat options that may not be so easy to find at your local grocery store. It is important to note that when starting a high fat therapeutic diet make sure you are being followed by a medical professional and using the best quality of fat sources. Here are links to order on amazon.com to get it delivered right to your front door.

Here is the list of healthy fat sources: Coconut Cream, Organic Ghee, Grass Fed Butter, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, Avocado Mayo, Avocado Oil, Duck Fat, Beef Fat, Black Olives, Green Olives, Kalamata Olives, and Roasted Walnut, Hazelnut and Avocado Trio Oils.

KayserBetten beds and how they can provide a safe night’s sleep for you and your Angel.

The KayserBetten bed is one of the most highly recommended beds by parents of children with Angelman Syndrome. This bed will meet your child’s medical, safety and behavior needs.

One comment we keep hearing from parents is how well THEY sleep at night knowing their child is safe in their room.

The beds are spacious, call and find out the right size for your child.

The KayserBetten bed may be eligible through your insurance provider.

For more info call 1-800-574 ext. 308

If you have a KayserBetten bed and would like to share your story with us, it could be featured in the next edition of Angelman Today. Email the editor at Lizzie@angelmantoday.com

The subscription box designed for children with autism and those with sensory needs

AAC App Discounts for Autism Awareness Month April 2017

Here is a complete list of Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) apps that are on sale for a limited time during this month of April. Links below make it easy to find the right app from the (ios) app store.

*CoughDrop and Alexicom are also available for android devices:

Note: Use the Family Share program (ios) to download the apps to your mulitple devices.

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