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The Fourth International Symposium For Diet Therapies

Matthew’s Friend’s Symposium – Liverpool UK 2014

By Sybille Kraft Bellamy


A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend one of my favorite scientific symposiums: The 4th Global Symposium Ketogenic Dietary therapies for Epilepsy and other Neurological disorders. Over 27 countries were present sending the most eminent neurologists, researchers scientists in epilepsy, cancer, molecular biology and nutrition. They presented their clinical trials and laboratory results in the field of the Ketogenic diet.

Angelman syndrome was represented by Dr. Elizabeth Thiele the neurologist from Mass General hospital in Boston who received the John Freeman award from Nancy Abraham (Co-founder of The Charlie Foundation) for her outstanding work in the ketogenic approach for neurological epilepsy. Angelman syndrome and Dravet syndrome are two particular syndromes which respond amazingly well to ketogenic diets.

IMG_0756I had the opportunity to share Max’s success with the LGIT. Neurologists, researchers and scientists were very curious to listen about Angelman syndrome and the amazing response they can have with the diet. For individuals with Angelman syndrome,  the LGIT treats both generalized and focal epilepsy. Children following the LGIT benefit from positive side effects as with the classic ketogenic diet. Additional cognitive benefits are: better seizures control, a reduction in the medication load, children improve their learning ability and behavior and last but not least, the quality of life is improved for the family.

I greatly encourage parents to look for more information about therapeutic diets. You can find more information on the web sites for the ASF, the Charlie Foundation, Matthews Friends and on the facebook page: angelman syndrome ketogenic diet.

The quality and knowledge of the participants was mind blowing. The dedication and the enthusiasm toward ketogenic diets gave me great hope for our children’s health and quality of life. I always knew that to give food was giving love but today I can say that giving LGIT food is giving my son the best first line of defense possible. I want to thank the Matthew’s friends for their outstanding and amazing symposium.

Thank you Emma Williams founder of the Matthews Friends and  Julie Edwards who made this event possible.