Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary2We are celebrating our 2nd year anniversary here at Angelman Today! Two years of creating this online magazine that has circled the globe countless times for our wonderful community.

I could not do this alone. A big thank you to the many contributors that send me links, articles and pictures to publish each month. This community is so amazing, if there is something online from a picture to an article they will even “tag” me to bring it to my attention for Angelman Today.

For myself, it has been a fantastic opportunity for my creative expression and to share the information that I have learned from so many amazing parents and professionals that have helped us on this journey and have made my son as healthy, smart and as able as he is.

This new year, we have so much in store! Giveaways, Vacations, Product reviews and video’s! We are growing at a rate in which I cannot keep up, so if you or someone you know would love to help us please send them my way.

Warm Wishes,

Lizzie Sordia
Editor – in – Chief

23 and Me