xmas“It is that wonderful time of year again.. I can’t believe it. Time really flies when you are having fun. We love the holiday season. We love decorating the house together, the holiday music (Frank Sinatra Holiday songs are a family favorite), traditional holiday meals and sweet treats. I spend more time in the kitchen this time of year, but I enjoy it.
I am grateful for this past year, it has been full of challenges and achievements. This year Nathan has started to not only use an iPad, but understand and use an app called Touch Chat for (AAC) communication. He loves his iPad! His favorite apps are Disney and Sprout. We have also had some failures this year like potty training. Unsuccessful so far, but we will keep trying. Braden is also doing great. He is getting A’s and B’s on his report cards and received Honor Roll recognition.

I am grateful for all that we have gone through and learned. I know for sure, life is always about learning, some lessons more painful than others, but always learning nonetheless. Tomorrow is a new day and soon, it will be a new year. I wish you all a joyous time with friends and family this Holiday season.”

Warm Wishes,

Lizzie Sordia
Editor – in – Chief