We just wrapped up the Angelman Cover Contest, congratulations to all of the participants! Everyone played a very important part in raising awareness about Angelman Syndrome.

It truly was a global event. We had entries and votes from all across this planet. Friends and family were sharing and voting daily for those beautiful smiles. Parents had strategized social media campaigns to rally votes.

It was a fantastic way to end the year with some light-hearted fun, awareness and to feel the support from so many people. I noticed in many photo shares on Facebook, people were asking to know about Angelman Syndrome after complimenting the photo.  That is what it is all about!

Thank you all for participating and supporting the families that entered the contest. Please let us know about your experience and if you think we should do it again next year in the comment section of the YouTube video about the contest.

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Congratulations to the Winner Katerina (from Greece)! Just shy of 5000 votes! We had to select another photo of Katerina because of image size and quality limitations of the original uploaded photo.