Going Back to School and Maintaining LGIT

By Sybille Kraft Bellamy



Going back to school for LGIT students can be easy to prepare.

Personally, I consider Max as being allergic to sugar! The same way he wears a red wristband in the Hospital Warning of Dextrose/glucose allergies, his teacher, aides and therapists are informed about his ketogenic diet. It is one of the main items on his IEP. We have a controlled protocol with the staff that lists the food allowed and the amount authorized. I prepare Max’s lunch daily and if he did not eat the way he should for his breakfast I write a note in his communication book alerting the staff. They will try to give him an early snack.He eats his lunch in the school cafeteria. The smell of food will sometimes bother him so Max  will eat a cold meal for lunch most of the year. If Max is more hungry than usual they can give him extra peanut butter, almond butter and seeds with coconut milk. Each pack has the amount of carbohydrates listed so it is easy for me to follow how much he has had during the day.

At school, all of his medications, rescue medications for seizures and anything the staff may need to administer at any time is labeledwith his name and has a sticker of his picture on them. The nurse can clearly see Max’s picture and with a double check quickly give the medication that is needed. Like every student the beginning of the year can be stressful physically and psychologically for our children. Max is going to bed early and his diet will be more closely monitored for next couple of weeks. There will be a lower amount of carbohydrates and I give him extra-probiotics and if it’s needed, I may restart some of his vitamins. Mid October we do a LGIT blood check up.

Max has his own homework area in the home with a special balance chair. It helps with his ADHD, and helps him to keep a good back and knee posture while strengthening his abdominal muscles.

Here is an example of what we keep at school. His medications, rescue medications for seizures and anything the staff may need to administer at any time is labeled with his name and has a sticker of his picture on them. The nurse can visualize Max’s picture and with a double check  quickly give the medication that is needed.


Max and I are wishing you a great school year! We want to have a lot of progress, stay healthy and happy!