Hello Summer!!

By Sybille Kraft Bellamy

IMG_1310“True health starts with fresh fruits and veggies”

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The LGIT diet is a healthy diet when a high diversity of good quality products are used.  No “strange” food! Only real natural food without packaging! Our family, like most of the families who have an individual following the LGIT, eat low glycemic food. The principal difference is the modification of the fat ratio. Max has a higher fat ratio in all his meals in order to obtain the effects of the LGIT. Since mid spring, we have been able to find great fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices. Vitamins and minerals are essential to our health and critical for our developing children. The best way for our body to metabolize vitamins and minerals is to have them in their natural form and not synthetically. Pills will never replace a healthy diet.

Everyday Max drinks a freshly prepared raw vegetable juice with carrots, cucumber, spinach, mint and olive oil.  He drinks about 4oz just before his snack. It stimulates his bowel movement and triggers his appetite.

The list of fruits and vegetables for the LGIT is very large and covers most of the regular products we should all have in our kitchen, nothing out of the ordinary! I will never stop insisting of the amazing effects the diet has on Max’s health.

This winter was long and very cold. Unfortunately, Max got quite sick at the end of it, contracting the flu, strep and mononucleosis (basically simultaneously). He was very tired he did have very small amount of medication to help him. He was definitely under the weather but we were not scared about his condition. We had no hospital trips and very little stress. His mood was excellent, he did great at school (only out four days) and was sleeping more than usual.

He is a trooper and a warrior because his has the good weapons to fight!