Help Me Fly Inc.

Non-profit Organization

Mission Statement

Help Me Fly Inc.’s Mission is to help families gain access to adaptive equipment that they normally could not have access to without some type of outside help. We strive to help these families reach their full potential by giving them hope that they can still have easy access to items that can be essential to their everyday lives.

About Us

The idea behind Help Me Fly comes from seeing and hearing so many parents struggle to get items that can benefit their families in so many different ways. It can help children gain access to items that can keep them active, help them gain strength, safety items to keep them safe, or it can be an item that can help them communicate with their families. So many families need things that insurance finds medically unnecessary even though it can help these families in so many ways. Help Me Fly wants to help these families gain access to these items.

Kyle Levin is the winner of the Rifton Trike!Picture1

My experience with Help Me Fly Inc. was nothing less than phenomenal. I found Lana to be extremely hard working, organized and devoted to Help Me Fly’s mission. In 10 short days, the money was raised for my sons adaptive bicycle and it was ordered 2 days after that. Lana made sure she didn’t miss a beat when it came to answering questions, advocating for my son and keeping me on the same page. This was the first experience I’ve ever had in 17 years that was a joy when it came to obtaining adaptive equipment for my son. I couldn’t recommend them more highly if I tried.

-Shannon Purcell, Mom to Kyle.

Lana Kruger 812-390-2373

Shannon Purcell 630-915-4179