IAD 2014

As we all prepare for a new start in 2014, ideas and plans are being generated by individual organizations around the world, to celebrate International Angelman Day—our community’s global day of awareness. This young initiative is the result of a ‘virtual ‘group of organizations; an informal ‘collective’ that demonstrates a spirit of global unity and collaborative support.
Through 2012, national reps were gathered from around the world for this collective. 23 organizations voted for a suitable date and logo, and by the time the inaugural day arrived, 35 organizations were on board. The number involved continues to grow and networking now occurs frequently and fluidly between more organizations, support groups, parents, medical experts and researchers.
Organizations are invited to work together for our common cause: together we have a stronger voice; together we have more resources to share; together we can accelerate AS research. International Angelman Day reflects this camaraderie and promotes all that is Angelman Syndrome—the bad side and the good. It serves to generate much needed funds, strengthen ties across borders, and open doors to future collaborations within our AS community.
Reasons for choosing
February is International Rare Disease month. (RDD falls on Feb 28/29th)
It is also quite sweet and appropriate that it is so close to Valentine’s Day, because the affectionate demeanour so characteristic of this syndrome, displays such genuine, unconditional love.
Link to world map showing the 35 Organizations that participated in IAD 2013
The number 15 relates to the affected 15th chromosome.

 Raise awareness worldwide of the condition
 Mobilise people to action & encourage fundraising for the organisation/s in each country
 Promote research and educational resources in each country
 Remember those people with Angelman Syndrome who are no longer with us

“Anything anyone can do to raise awareness is greatly appreciated. No gesture too small.
No such thing as the insignificant
word or deed.”
– Colin Farrell

Things you can do for International Angelman Day:
Raise awareness:
 Spread the word about AS in your own community—at schools, churches, workplaces, sports/social groups, etc. Hold fun events that could generate media interest.
 Contact your local papers to report on your events.
 Display the logo on T-shirts, button badges, caps, etc.
 Hand out informative brochures about your own local AS organisations and support groups.
 Raise funds for a registered organisation you wish to support—for AS research or education resources.
 Be vigilant with good fundraising ethics to protect the honour of this venture.
A WEBSITE is being constructed and will be launched soon. Stay updated by visiting the official IAD facebook PAGE:

Share ideas and discussions in the informal facebook GROUP : https://www.facebook.com/groups/112026595597947/

An up-to-date list of Angelman Organisations and support groups around the world can be found here:

International Angelman Day is also a multi-cultural event that celebrates our diversity as it seeks to promote unity across the global AS community.