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The Holiday Season is upon us

‘Tis the season for giving thanks and celebrating with friends and family.  Time for office parties, dinner parties and time to take- out- the- good- dishes parties.

I will began by thanking everyone who has helped create and support Angelman Today! Thanks to all of the readers that have reached out and expressed your appreciation for having such a wonderful new resource.

I know that it is from the bottom of our hearts that we work so hard to help bring the global community together and share our experiences.  As parents, we work on Angelman Today in between caring for our Angels – which you know is a task-and-a- half, – and caring for our families and/or working at other jobs.  The Professionals of our medical and scientific advisory board generously give of their limited time to write and send in articles, comments and quotes.

I am so very grateful for the health of my family especially Nathan, who is doing amazingly well, thanks to our MAPS physicians. I am thankful to every organization and community member that has joined Angelman Today and shares the vision of uniting a global community, sharing resources, information and helping to improve the daily lives of individuals with Angelman Syndrome everywhere! I am truly amazed how quickly things are happening and how Angelman Today is already reaching into more than 40 countries and territories.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season with close friends and family and the friends that ARE family!

Warm Wishes,

Lizzie Sordia

Editor – in – Chief