I am so happy to see more and more families become aware of the effectiveness of the Low Glycemic Index Treatment for seizures. We had a great response from people wanting to  know more about how it can work for their loved ones with Angelman Syndrome from our segment last month. The Angelman Syndrome Foundation hosted a free online webinar with Dr. Thibert addressing seizures and specifics on the LGIT, which is available on their site.

There are many brilliant minds working in labs to create a treatment or cure for Angelman Syndrome and for that we remain hopeful. Today we must utilize what can help individuals with Angelman Syndrome. The Low Glycemic Index Treatment has been proven to reduce and even stop seizures specifically in individuals with AS. This is an excellent start to help improve the lives of our beautiful Angels. Especially when so many of the symptoms revolve around diet and GI issues including; constipation, reflux, weight problems (too much or not enough) sleep, and behaviors.

As a fellow parent who has an Angel on a specified diet, I know first hand how amazing the transformation can be. No constipation, No reflux, No weight problems, great sleep, minimal behavior’s and better seizure control. This is Nathans status today, it is a journey so as he grows and things may change, we will continue to monitor and make adjustments according to his individual needs.

We will continue to offer great resources, recipes and success stories in Angelman Today to help and encourage everyone on this journey. At first, it may not be easy to learn a new way of eating or meal planning, but it will be worth it. Be diligent and focus on food quality, fresh is always best.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”- Benjamin Franklin

Warm Wishes,

Lizzie Sordia

Editor – in – Chief

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