Put a stop to unwanted removal of sleepers and diapers.

“Oh no, this can’t be happening!”LKS Logo

was the thought than ran through our minds when our triplets were toddlers and going through a phase of taking off their sleepers and diapers. With another daughter only twenty-two months older, a dog, and a busy household, we did not want to be spending our days changing sheets and cleaning messes! Instead, we tried to find a solution to keeping our children clothed at naptime and throughout the night. We found no solutions that we thought were safe and practical and that was how the idea of the Little Keeper Sleepers was born.
Some parents refer to the Little Keeper Sleepers as “sanity savers”, “life savers” and “the reason they can sleep again”.

We just know they help people, and we’re happy to be a part of that.

After many design changes, we finally concluded that we needed the features of a non-stretchable neck and two snap closure systems; one that covers the zipper and one that completely prevents the zipper from being pulled down by the child.  This makes removal extremely difficult for children, yet easy for caregivers to get on and off.  We chose a 100% soft interlock cotton that would be comfortable, and a neutral color that could be worn by both boys and girls.LKS  Main Group Photo

As we started selling on-line, customers started asking us for larger sizes.  They would tell us their stories about how their children with Autism, Angelman Syndrome, Asperger’s and other special needs also did the behavior of “brown parties”, and lots of other interesting ways of describing it! We truly listen to our customer feedback.

Parents were desperate for something to keep their child’s sleepers on at night.  We discovered that these sleepers were incredibly helpful to parents who have children with special needs.  As a result, we have expanded from the single version of the Little Keeper Sleeper with long sleeve/long pants to now include sleepers with short sleeves, sleepers with footies, three different color choices and sizes up to 11/12, which will fit a child over five feet tall! Our business not only has expanded with the sleepers, but we also created a bib that toddlers cannot take off using the same concept as the sleepers.  The Zip Bibs feature a cute bear, are unisex and are primarily for babies & toddlers.
Although we only sell the sleepers & bibs via our website at this time, they have been shipped to almost every continent (come on, Antarctica!) Sleep consultants as well as hospitals have contacted us to use these with their patients. We have been involved in blog giveaways and fundraisers, including the FAST Gala for Angelman Syndrome.Zip Bib

What we love the most is hearing from many of our customers after they have had the sleepers for a while.  Comments such as, “It’s the ONLY sleeper my grandson cannot get out of. THANK YOU for making our lives a little easier!!”, “What a wonderful blessing your sleepers have been.  They are soft & comfortable, and my daughter keeps them on all night, and we are all getting a good night’s rest”.  The reduction in the amount of laundry has been a nice bonus, too!”

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