Treating Constipation

Treating Constipation Easy tips for treating constipation - A common symptom of Angelman syndrome. When you see constipation listed as a symptom of Angelman syndrome, do not lose hope that it cannot be treated. A diagnosis of Angelman syndrome does not necessarily mean one is destined to suffer from all of the ...

Keto Power Comic Book Coming Soon!

Very soon you will be able to purchase the first ever comic book pamphlet about the Ketogenic diet. Learn how to use Keto Power to help fight epilepsy. Written by Sybille Krafty Bellamy, Mom to Maxent. Maxent was born with Angelman Syndrome, he was medically fragile from the beginning of his ...

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte's Web CBD (Cannabidiol) is becoming one of the most popular choices to help treat epilepsy in individuals with Angelman Syndrome. Some parents are also reporting that they have noticed improved behaviors. Although this hemp oil is available to order online and ship directly to your home it is highly ...

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

It is not always easy to try to find the perfect gifts for our Angels for the holidays, so here are some suggestions from our fellow Angelman parents. The links to these products in the presentation work directly to the websites where you can purchase these items. Enjoy! You can download this ...

Meet Josh

Josh is 2 years old, he was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome and having seizures every week. Video of his journey coming soon to our YouTube Channel! Thanks to CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) he has been seizure free for OVER 1 YEAR!