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3 Days ONLY – 50% Off most popular AAC apps

To celebrate Autism Acceptance Month AssistiveWare will be offering a 50% discount on 4 of our popular AAC apps: Proloquo2Go®, Proloquo4Text, Pictello and Keeble. Gateway to Language & Learning©, the core word vocabulary available through an in-app purchase in Proloquo2Go, will also be at half price. The discount, available worldwide on the App Store, will be in effect from April ...

Get Proloquo2Go 50% off for a limited time

Proloquo2Go 4.1 with full Spanish and bilingual support is now available! This offer for Proloquo2Go 50% discount will only be available until Friday, October 2 11:00 CEST (5am EDT, 2am PDT, 19:00 AEST) This discount is for everyone, even if you do not speak Spanish. Buy Now and Save $125 (US) Click on image above to download from the app store.

Back to School Tips

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