brushing teethFlouride is newly classified as a developmental neurotoxin by medical authorities in the March 2014 Journal Lancet Neurology.

Developmental neurotoxins are capable of causing widespread brain disorders such as Autism, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, and other cognitive impairments. The harm is often untreatable and permanent.

The CDC’s own evidence reveals Americans already show signs of flouride-overexposure and reports that 41% of American teenagers have dental fluorosis.

Individuals with Angelman Syndrome may have a difficult time not swallowing the toothpaste when brushing.  Avoiding exposure is best.

Notice the warnings on the back of most tubes of toothpaste containing flouride.


*Do Not Swallow

*Contact Poison Control Center if accidentally swallowed


Here are some options that can help you avoid flouride:

Purchase Flouride Free Tooth paste. We listed a few brands: Tom’s of Maine, NOW Foods, Nature’s Plus

Another simple solution that you can make at home is:

-Coconut oil

-Baking Soda (works great for gently removing tartar and discoloration).