A Touching Story by Karen De La Fuente

There was a Meeting in Heaven.
Several angels and other souls were present, along with the usual Council members. It was time to prepare some souls for their journeys on Earth. Several Council members spoke about various topics, in hopes that these unique souls would truly grasp the missions that they were about to undertake.

“When you first emerge in your physical form, you will still feel very connected to This Side; which, ironically they call the Other Side.” (A low chuckle ran through the room.) “As time goes by – and it goes by very differently from the way it passes here – you will find that the fine line between Here and There becomes thicker, harder to penetrate. Your memory of this time and this place will grow dim, until it becomes merely a notion that you actually “belong” somewhere else – somewhere
better. This happens to all souls that inhabit physical bodies. You won’t even notice it happening.”

“But, in your cases, there will be a difference. Because of the extraordinary lives that you will live, the fine line won’t be quite as thick as it is for most humans. You will much more easily maintain contact with angels and spirit beings, and This Side. There is a reason for this – not only will your needs be different during your lifetimes, but your missions there are unique, as well. Hence, the blessing of never feeling completely out of touch with True Reality. Most humans end up believing that Earth life is Reality. In fact, This Side is Reality – Earth life is Fiction. You, the few, will be able to recall this when your lives are difficult, and your trials numerous. This blessing, we grant unto you all.”

As the meeting wore on, the time eventually came for each soul to receive a Personal Blessing before departing the vast Glory they knew so well, for the unknown and untried territory of Earth life. One by one, they sat in the Seat of Blessing, and received the Gifts that that would help them most in life. They understood that this happens to all souls – but that their Gifts would be unique and enhanced – magnified, if you will.

Finally, there was one soul left to bless, and send on his way. Three angels who were magnificent beyond description stood behind the Seat of Blessing, and gestured to the soul, who approached with humility and grace. He was so excited to be on his way to Earth life, and the experiences that awaited him there! He sat humbly in the Seat, and bowed his head slightly, as he felt the angels lay their hands upon his head – the Chief Angel among them speaking in a deep, gentle, yet
powerful voice.

“You shall be called Jonathan, which means ‘Gift from God.’ To this family, you will be truly a gift of the Most High. Your mother has been told that she is barren – can have no children ever. You will be a miracle to her, and to your father – who chose your name when he was still a boy, in anticipation of a son to carry on his name. They will rejoice at your birth, and you will feel that joy. As time passes, your parents will realize that you are very different from the son they were expect-ing to have. Beautiful, yes. Very special to them, yes. You shall grow and be joyful, but you shall not carry on your father’s name. You will not walk. You will not speak. No matter how many Earth years pass, you will remain a virtual babe in arms.

“I give you the Gift of Helplessness.”

The soul wondered to himself, “the Gift of Helplessness? What kind of Gift is that? I saw others receiving much better Gifts!” “This Gift with which I endow you is mysterious and poorly understood. You are aware of the Contract that you have affirmed; that you would be born with special needs not common to most humans. You have agreed to enter Earth life in this state, with all of the accompanying trials and virtues that it entails. The Gift of Helplessness is one of the greatest Gifts. While you are unable to become independent, or live what they consider a normal life, you will be giving of yourself at all times. Your Helplessness will aid not only your family, but also everyone you meet, in giving them an opportunity to grow and develop far beyond the scope they can imagine. Your Gift will allow others to choose to assist you, and in so doing, learn extraordinary lessons that are hidden to most humans. They will learn what is truly important. They will learn how to give service unconditionally. They will learn Sacrifice in ways that others can only dream of. These priceless lessons come through your Gift of Helplessness, and the sacrifice that you are making in trusting them to see to your every need; just as all do, in infancy.

“Along with the Gift of Helplessness, I endow you with Joy. Joy in the smallest of things. Joy in living an Earth life devoid of worry, stress, temptations of the flesh, crises of faith, and fear. You cannot begin to understand what it means to feel fear – and you will never, ever have to.

“It gives me joy beyond measure to give you your final Gift. This Gift is given to a very select few who inhabit the Earth.
I now bestow upon you the Gift of Returning to Glory –
guaranteed. Your Gift of Helplessness assures that you will return Home, to This Side, no matter how long or short your Earth life is, no matter what occurs during that lifetime, no matter what your circumstances may be while you are there. You shall return whole, complete, unscarred, and unsoiled from sin or error.”

Jonathan felt the angel grin broadly, even though he could not see him.

He also felt a warmth and peace the likes of which he had never known. Gone was his confusion about his Gifts. Gone was his concern about whether or not he really could live up to his Life Contract. He knew – knew – that he would take these Gifts and give his parents, their family, their friends, and even strangers to them, everything he could to help them achieve the highest level of Life possible.

Just as the angels lifted their hands from his head, and he opened his eyes, a smaller, more feminine soul approached him. His best friend on This Side! How did she come to be here, at the end of the Meeting? Well, no matter! He rushed into her arms for a hug, filled with excite-ment about entering his time on Earth.

As they embraced, the angel spoke one more time.

“We have noticed that you and this wise soul have spent much time together here, in love and devotion. She has affirmed her Life Contract recently, as well, and will be departing in about two Earth years’ time for life on Earth, as well.” They exchanged huge grins of shared joy at the news. “Jonathan, meet your sister. At her request, she has Contracted to watch over you and be your Earth life companion. She will help you in your journey on Earth. This, she does willingly and gleefully.”

Jonathan and his soon-to-be sister hugged each other tightly, and jumped up and down with excitement. Oh! To share his Earth time with his best friend! Surely, she would make his sacrifices easier to bear, his lonely silences ring with laughter, and his times of desperation seem like mere moments. The angel touched Jonathan on the shoulder, and his best friend released him from her embrace.

“It is time.”