By Jocelyn Silverman

poisonYou can’t see them but they are there. You can touch them, smell them, and often times taste them, not that you want to. What are they? These are everyday household and personal products that we use to clean, disinfect, and deodorize. But what are they really? Depending on which ones you use, they are harmful products that can cause allergies, cancer, arthritis, sinus infections and the list goes on. But what ARE THEY REALLY?? They are the products that contain bleach such as Clorox for the floors/counters, chlorine such as Cascade Dishwashing Detergent, Triclosan found in antibacterial hand sanitizers, formaldehyde which is found in many of our personal products such as sunscreen, cosmetics, body washes, lotion, all of which are harmful to our health, our families’ health and the environment *

What if there was an alternative? What if there was a safer, less expensive way to shop for these products? What if you didn’t have to worry if your child(s) ingested a cleaning product or better yet, what if your home smelled clean and fresh, but without the strong chemical odors? How about having products that are made in the USA? There is a way and the answer is YES to all of these questions.

Say, “Yes” to products containing melaleuca oil, which is a natural healing agent, and other natural cleaning products such as biodegradable cleaning agents, water softening agents, plant derived products, and naturally derived enzymes.

These are just some of the ingredients that make up; Tough and Tender, Diamond Brite, Clear Defense, Sun Shade Sunscreen, Sei Bella make-up, Body Satin and Renew Skin Lotion and much more.

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*Each year, over 1 million children are accidentally poisoned in their homes. 250,000 of these victims are hospitalized. 3,000 children will end up in intensive care. Dozens more will die. The amazing fact is, the most common substance to poison children is a household cleaner. Many of these products are considered safe! Think of your own home – you probably have dozens of bottles of cleaners, containing hundreds of chemicals. Could an accident happen in your home?