The Power of Cooking

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Angelman syndrome, ketogenic diets and LGIT

By Sybille Kraft Bellamy


One of the best ways to naturally help our angels is by giving them a nutritious healthy diet.

Our angels are fragile and very sensitive to their environment.

Little things, minor changes can trigger dramatic consequences.

Each child is unique, each parent is special.

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We have to rediscover the power of food.

Therapeutic diets like ketogenic diets have been used for years to help control epilepsy. Today, the LGIT  (Low Glycemic Index Treatment) is one of the easiest diets to give to our angels. It is one of the weapons we can use to protect them. The LGIT helps balance and reinforce the energy they need to keep them happy, healthy and at full cognitive capability.from the multiple risks they face. Seizures are a major and common risk for our angels.

The modification of your child’s diet can be done one step at a time.

Small changes can lead to big improvements.

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This is a unique opportunity for you, MOM and DAD to directly affect your child’s health and quality of life.

There is nothing more terrible than to feel helpless when your child is sick. Our Angel’s challenges are numerous and it is proven that a special diet can help avoid many of their complications.

The medical community is embracing this form of treatment to remedy many disorders worldwide. The Angelman community is hard at work to bring awareness of this treatment to our families. Resources such as “Angleman Syndrome Diet” on Facebook and

The Charlie Foundation can provide information and support to help you start taking control of your child’s diet, health and wellbeing.

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LGIT Testimonial – Jay and Joel are my 26 year old identical twin sons who both have Angelman Syndrome. Seizures have always been a huge problem for them,  at one point they were both having over 250 grandmals a day and spent almost a year in the hospital trying to get them controlled. Doctors at that time only gave them a 1% chance to survive. Now at age 26 Joel’s seizures are well controlled with meds but Jay’s have never been controlled. In March we started the LGIT after talking to his Dr. and getting a lot of support and advice from Sybille. Since starting the diet we have seen a huge decrease in the amount and severity of Jay’s seizures. Before the diet he would have 10-20 seizures a week and  need a rescue med 3x a week and now he may have only 4-5 seizures a month. Prior to starting the LGIT Jay’s seizures were very intense grandmals where he would stop breathing and turn blue each time and he would have several in a row, we have not seen him turn blue or stop breathing since the diet. I believe the diet is helping him tremendously and he is much more alert and vocal. Their neurologist has begun weaning Joel off of one of his seizure meds because of the side effects and we have now started Joel on the LGIT diet also and he too is acting more alert and vocal (and no seizures!).  – Lisa Truax-Murphy