Will (iam) was diagnosed with UPD Angelman Syndrome in October 2011 and epilepsy in June 2014 and the road ever since has been anything but easy. Between breakthrough convulsive seizures, adverse reaction to two medications (Keppra and Trileptal), hospital stays, high valium levels, we finally found seizure control in Depakote in February 2015. Now we struggle with aggression and are trying to work through that.

On a whim, I decided to enter the Great Bike Giveaway as Will always wants to ride bikes with his friends.

We received the required number of votes via amazing friends and family that made him eligible for the raffle and stopped promoting it there. I had basically forgotten about the contest until a friend posted on my wall that Will had won the raffle!

He is still learning to pedal and control the bike, but I’m so excited he has the ability to keep up with his friends this summer when they ride their bikes!

144 Bikes were given away for this years Great Bike Giveaway and the countdown clock has started for the next.