Angels Week Off Winners!

In January, we launched the Angel Week Off contest. We received two dozen stories …all worthy. The Angel Week Off contest essays left everyone who read them in tears and with a greater appreciation for what it takes to be an “Angel parent.” Angel parents are physically strong, emotionally tough and mentally focused …yet they NEVER feel like it. Everyone of these essays proved that again and again.

The screening process was difficult and heartbreaking. The all-star panel included the middle Tennessee representatives of Special Olympics, Best Buddies and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Everyone on that panel wanted to give all the contestants a week off. Maybe one day, in the not-so-distant future, we’ll be able to do that. But for now, there was a standout story that moved everyone of the panelists …without exception.

The story that captured the hearts of everyone is filled with drama, heartbreak, pain and redemption …as is every Angelman story. It includes an abandoned Angel (something I know a little bit about) and two unsuspecting, “ordinary” people who were about to become extraordinary.

Their week off will begin in three weeks and will start with three days and nights in San Francisco (doing or NOT doing whatever they want), followed by three amazing days in Napa Valley. They’ll dine on world class cuisine, drink some of the best wine on the planet and be serenaded by the likes of Colby Calait and Sarah McLachlan.

It’s our honor at the Angel Wings Foundation to provide this much needed respite for these two very deserving people. We truly love our Angelman family and this is just one small way we can give back to them. We extend our unwavering support to everyone who entered an essay. You are all so deserving and we hope to send more of you on more great getaways in the future.

I would personally like to thank Lizzie Sordia and the Angelman Today publication for running and managing the contest, as well as Beth Torres (Make-A-Wish Foundation), Beth Tegarden (Special Olympics), Anneliese Baron (Best Buddies) and our own Brian Ladd (Angel Wings Foundation). Your time and attention is so appreciated.

So, without further adieu …cheers, Mary and Rory! Here’s to the best vacation ever!


To Read Mary and Rory’s story, click the link below: