Free App Friday 8-25-17

There are so many communication apps available for the Apple ios, leaving Android users feeling left out. We are happy to share with you a FREE communication app now available for Android! Check out this AAC app called 'AngelTalk'. About the app from Google Play: AngelTalk was built to help the ...

Angel Goes Packing

Hi, my name is Nicolas and I am a 15-year-old who has Angelman Syndrome (AS). It's a rare genetic disease affecting my 15th chromosome. For me, it means I speak only two words rarely, my walking is unbalanced, I need help with a lot of my daily activities and I ...

Treating Constipation

Treating Constipation Easy tips for treating constipation - A common symptom of Angelman syndrome. When you see constipation listed as a symptom of Angelman syndrome, do not lose hope that it cannot be treated. A diagnosis of Angelman syndrome does not necessarily mean one is destined to suffer from all of the ...
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