For those with complex communication needs it is important to participate in activities with their peers. This Halloween we wanted to share these FREE cards and stickers to help make things easier. When Trick or Treating this year, your child can hand the cards to the person at the door or wear the adhesive badge on their costume. Download and Print for FREE! Share with your friends!

We used Avery Adhesive Flexible Name Badges. Easily order from and get delivered to your door.

Avery Adhesive template-Angelman SyndromeDownload the Avery adhesive labels here:Avery Adhesive template-Autism

Avery Adhesive label 8 per sheet-Angelman Syndrome

Avery Adhesive label 8 per sheet-Autism


Download the cards here:
Trick-or-Treat Cards – Angelman Syndrome

Trick-or-Treat Cards AutismTrick-or-Treat cards - AS

Trick-or-Treat PPT-Autism